David Berry, CPA

List of Services


Auditing and Accounting

My firm provides three levels of service: compilation, review and full auditing services.
I am well versed in the needs and requirements of governmental, nonprofit, public and privately held entities.

At all three levels of service, the financial statements are meticulously well prepared, with a logical format and consistency of presentation that clients, bankers and other users respect and appreciate.

I provide a formal annual report presentation that puts financial data into a form clients can use for annual review and long-range planning. The report includes all financial statements as well as supplemental information that may include financial analysis and a discussion of performance in terms of liquidity, activity, leverage and profitability.

I have experience with Bond Issues (both refunding and new) and initial public offerings. I am able to work efficiently and cost effectively with the attorneys on bond issues and initial public offerings. 


Small Business Services

I provide sophisticated financial and accounting services to small-business clients at an affordable cost. Services range from data compilation to strategic planning.

One of the most valued services that I provide is the periodic financial analysis that accompanies financial statements. Through this evaluation, I create information that helps keep the business on track with regard to long-term planning with each client, based on individual needs and the nature of the business itself.

Litigation Support

Litigation in our society increasingly demands accounting and financial testimony. During the judicial process, vast amounts of data are frequently presented -often without the benefit of traditional accounting controls and verification. In litigation support, I make it my job to help attorneys organize pertinent data, interpret it and then present testimony clearly and concisely, so that a fair and equitable decision can be reached.


Business Valuation


It is becoming increasingly important for business owners to know the value of their holdings. A growing list of situations makes a competent valuation a necessity, including business breakup, divorce, estate planning and charitable gifts of closely held business stocks.

Because valuation involves judgment, it is extremely important that all issues are carefully examined and weighed. Because of my strength in auditing and accounting, business consulting and taxation, I am adept at identifying information that enables me to be accurate and fair in the valuation process, both in determining value and in structuring the buy-out or pay-off of the business in question.


Planning and Consulting


One of my goals is to help clients become successful. My planning and consulting capability lets me go beyond efficient handling of periodic reporting deadlines to help clients anticipate business needs and prepare to meet them. Services most frequently requested include preparation of loan packages, preparation of annual budgets, goal setting and long-range planning, and recruitment of accounting personnel. I can also help clients with organizational problems, evaluate and design information systems, and consult on personnel management. Because I am an independent entity, I can serve effectively as a sounding board for management ideas and discussions.

Through these services, companies who can not support a full-time financial executive gain affordable access to the expertise they need to meet financial and executive planning needs of their organizations.




I offer traditional services in both compliance and planning. As clients are painfully aware, there seems to be no limit to the number and complexity of government forms that must be filed regarding taxation. My mission is to streamline the filing process, so that my clients save time and avoid stressful disruptions.

Tax planning is another area in which I excel. The comprehensive facilities of my firm's library enable me to track all pertinent changes in tax law and court findings. I can work effectively in a number of tax planning areas, including individual, corporate, partnership, estate and gift, retirement and employment taxes.